3mindme Reminder Service

Fellow productivity enthusiast David Barrett would like input on a new email reminder service he created. Check it out and let him know what you think...

I just built an email reminder service -- a sort of email version of the "43 Folders" technique for organizing future tasks -- and I'm curious what you think.

Basically, email a reminder to yourself at "tomorrow@3mindme.com" or "jan5th@3mindme.com" or "nexttuesday@3mindme.com" and it'll forward whatever you sent back to you at the specified time. Visit www.3mindme.com or just email help@3mindme.com for more information. Anyway, I *just* made it and I'm looking for feedback on how to make it more helpful, and I'd welcome any advice you have. Thanks, I look forward to hearing from you!


poingo said...

Hi Jennifer,
I guess great minds think alike.
iTickleMe Email Tickler System has been doing almost exactly the same thing for a few years now. It's free!

iTickleMe Email Tickler System

Anonymous said...

The new outlook lets you delay delivery of an email. You can send an email to yourself and set a future date to deliver it. I think this would accomplish the same objective with a minimum of fuss.