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This seems really cool. You just pick out items you order regularly but not weekly, like coffee or shampoo, and they send them to you automatically. I'm off to sign up...

Improve your typing.

My best score was 86 wpm. Could it possibly be true that someone types 511 wpm?


Minimal Achievement

This paper, "Strive for Minimal Achievement" by Barry Moltz, talks about something I'm learning more and more as I get older:

Stop planning, stop analyzing, stop asking questions, and to see what comes next. Go out and get it done. Only experience builds true confidence. So in our business strategy, we need to outlaw premeditated business. Stop waiting for the perfect moment, enough capital, the right team, the right market conditions, reliable customers, or desperate competitors. Forget about the “only if” game. It is delusional.

Eight-minute lessons are key to grades - JournalLive

Heard about this on The Productivity Show (see below). I thought it was faskinatin'.

Eight-minute lessons are key to grades - JournalLive:

"So youngsters at his North Tyneside school are receiving lessons lasting just eight minutes.

Then they have a 10-minute break.

Then the eight-minute lesson is repeated."

The Productivity Show

If you haven't listened to it yet, I highly recommend that you add Tony Goodson's The Productivity Show to your podcast subscription list. It's an entertaining and thought-provoking show that I especially love to listen to on long drives. Thanks for the entertainment Tony, yeah?