A benefit of handwritten lists?

I was just reading this thread on the David Allen Company forum and got inspired to look at my lists. I've gone back and forth about whether to keep my lists in electronic or handwritten form, and lately I've been using an Excel spreadsheet. I printed the spreadsheet out and took a look.

There are clearly many next action items on my list that I don't really have to do. They're more "could dos." I also noticed that the items at the bottom of my list are generally more pressing, because they're the ones I've added recently. It seems that I actually complete and add new items at the end of the list, and all the ones at the top just sit there.

So I was wondering whether one way to counteract this phenomenon would be to hand write my next action list. Maybe hand writing a list every week during my weekly review would make my list more realistic, simply because I would be too lazy to keep re-writing items I knew I wasn't really going to do? Maybe writing them down would make me think about them?