Are you master of your bitstream?

Matt's Idea Blog: A conversation with Mark Hurst, web usability expert and author of "Bit literacy":

"Mark stresses that the book is not just about email and getting the inbox to zero (a major change for most of us). It's about managing effectively all the bitstreams coming into our lives. Mark says the world has changed, but most people haven't caught up yet - the always-on lifestyle, urgency, and haste make us neither effective nor sustainable. Here's how he puts it:

Five, ten or twenty years from now, the bits will increase exponentially: email, web, phones and PDAs. Without proper training, users everywhere will face an increasingly urgent problem of overload. Now is the moment to learn bit literacy. It's like getting in shape on a slow-moving treadmill before it speeds up to a sprinting pace."


Matthew Cornell said...

Thanks for the link, Jennifer. And good luck with finding the perfect notebook! I'm sure it'll solve all the problems :-)

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