Gotta get me a timer

My Favorite Productivity Trick:

"Here’s how I plan my day. I take a piece of paper, often scrap paper or a page in my capture notebook and write the date at the top of the page. I draw a line down the center. In the right column I write 'To-Do' and on the left I write 'Plan.' I write out all my to-do’s first. Then I plan out my day by inserting those to-do items into time slots."

How To Stay Focused For Greater Productivity - Dawud Miracle @ -:
"For every 60 minutes of the workday, I stay micro focused for 50 minutes. Then I get out of my chair, away from my computer and out of my office for 8 minutes (give or take). The remaining two minutes I settle back down in my chair, look over my next todos and look at what I can accomplish in the next 50 minutes. Then I’m off to the races again.

During my 50 minutes of focus, I do nothing except what is on my todo list. If I’m writing code, I code for 50 minutes. If I’m returning phone calls, I do that for 50 minutes. If I’m writing a blog post, I do that for only 50 minutes. I keep a timer running in the background with an alarm so I don’t have to watch the clock."


lcipher said...

We use Outlook at my office. I started a second calendar. So I open my day of appointments on the left and then the second calendar on the right. Then I can schedule tasks for all my free time. Since I often have meetings that pop up in the middle of the day, it's useful to have a "real time" list. And it's easy to move tasks to other days.

Jennifer George said...

@lcipher, that's an excellent idea! I might have to try that myself... You could also do it pretty easily in Google Calender. Thanks for stopping by!