How's your time and motion?

2time’s Time and Motion Basis - The 2Time Mgt Blog:

"One of the key inspirations behind of the 2Time way of thinking happens to be the time and motion techniques I learned as an undergraduate in Industrial Engineering.

The idea behind the technique is simple — observe each physical motion taken by person performing a task of some kind. Record it, and analyze it using some common sense, then experiment with improvements. Use metrics to determine whether or not the improvement is a valid one.

When I look at someone’s time management system, I naturally have an inclination to see what they are trying to do in 'time and motion terms,' coming from my formal training in this area."
This morning, I was thinking about my eye makeup. Usually I get bits of mascara and eye shadow on my cheeks and have to wipe them off, which disturbs my foundation. Duh, I thought, I should do the eyes first, then the foundation will be perfect! Lookit me! I'm an industrial engineer!