Le Sigh

No Schedules, No Meetings--Enter Best Buy's ROWE | The Blog of Author Tim Ferriss:

"ROWE stands for Results-Only Work Environment. In a ROWE, each person is free to do whatever they want, whenever they want, as long as the work gets done. Currently, there are two authentic ROWEs—Fortune 100 retailer Best Buy Co, Inc. and J. A. Counter & Associates, a small brokerage firm in New Richmond, WI. At both organizations, the old rules that govern a traditional work environment—core hours, “face time,” pointless meetings, etc.—have been replaced by one rule: focus only on results.

In the 4-Hour Workweek, you helped people understand that because of technology, people don’t have to defer living until retirement. They can design their own lifestyle. Now imagine what would happen if the entire culture of a workplace went through the same transformation. That’s what a ROWE is. A ROWE is a work culture that gives people the power to take control of their lives. As long as they get their job done, they’re free."


Anonymous said...

I've long thought I'd rather have a fixed amount of work, not a fixed number of hours. It's a beautiful place, it's very much like financial independence: unfortunately, not everybody is there yet.

First, this definitely does not work well for certain personality types or jobs. If it did, then everybody would already work for themselves.

Second, as inefficient as it may seem, the support place of inefficiency does work. It's amazing how people that would otherwise flounder can be directed to work.

Third, there is something very libertarian about the idea. It's quite possible some of that 80 in the 80/20 is more important than you think--but of course, some clever metric will let the Tim Ferriss type squeak as winners with 4 hours a week. Be realistic, you and I may both be able to be like him, but the whole world cannot.