Google Owns Me

If Google were to disappear from the face of the earth tomorrow, I'd be screwed. Not only is my whole GTD system in Gmail, but I use their other applications: Reader, Blogger, Notebook, Toolbar, and Documents for just about everything I do.

Google makes everything better. I love being able to email posts to myself or others straight from Reader using Toolbar. I love being able to easily copy text and photos to my Notebook. I love opening attachments in Documents. I love the fact that everything's online, and that I can access my files from anywhere. I love sharing articles through Reader on this blog. Most of all, I love Gmail. Being able to hit "archive" and know that my emails will be easily accessible with their fantastic search technology, but out of sight, is nothing short of miraculous.

The only Google offering that I haven't loved so far is Bookmarks. I still like the social nature of, but I'm Google will eventually take over that market too.


vasta said...

There was a point, after a day where I lost a significant chunk of my GMail archives because of bug at Google, when I thought my Google dependency was getting a bit excessive. I'm trying to diversify, but they do everything so well!

That being said, this has inspired a new blog post for this weekend.

Joe said...

I keep:

1. Detailed work documentation so I can convince the powers to be that I am getting my ass handed to me at work and I need to focus on SysAdmining and bring in somebody to be Desktop Support.

2. My lab assignments from school

3. My journal on the dreams I have experienced

4. My website redesign

5. My long-term goals

6. Great ideas for get-togethers with good friends

... and that is just Docs/Spreadsheets.