The Lifemuncher Diet Plan

So here's my latest diet plan, based on the arcane and complex principle of eating less. I bought myself some cheap plastic containers (about 50 cents each) and pre-packed a couple weeks worth of portion-controlled salads, mixed vegetables, snacks, and cereal. On weekday mornings, as I'm heading out the door, I'm usually too lazy or distracted to measure out proper portions or make myself a salad, so I'm admitting my weaknesses and doing it ahead of time. This way, I can just grab a Lean Cuisine, a salad, some veggies, and some fruit and throw it in my bag.

Without this planning, it's much too easy to pour a little too much cereal into my bowl, or heat up a too-large serving of leftovers, or eat potato chips from the bag without paying attention to how many handfuls I'm consuming. Hopefully, planning ahead will pay off, and I'll be able to fit into my clothes again.