Ready for Anything: The Verdict

Well, it's a strange book. Basically, it's a collection of insights that Allen came up with writing his email newsletter. They're gathered into sections, but they don't necessarily relate to each other very well. He also veers off into new-agey stuff too much. Finally, I'm still not convinced that this whole idea that "the brain has limited RAM" is even true. Let's ask Stephen Pinker what he thinks, then maybe I'll get on board. This idea permeates the book, and the point is made over and over. Can't GTD just be a good way to organize stuff? Why does it have to be the meaning of life too?


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Jennifer said...

Thanks anonymous! I knew he was an acolyte of John Roger, but I didn't realize he was a MSIA Minister and Initiate of the Mystical Traveler. :)

Andy C said...

The book is like a walk on the beach. It has a ton of things you might want to pick up and take with you and some things you may not care to deal with.

Overall though when I read it I found a lot more gems of thought that I might not have fully digested--or uncovered--through the other materials.

As to relating to life you can live at the runway and 10k feet for only so long before you're going to go to a financial planner who tells you that you need long term vision planning and how nicely does GTD dove tail into a life model?

You don't have to do those exercises but it certainly helps you get where you're going if you can start some designs.

Why am I doing this? Takes you up the chain.

What do I have to do? Takes you down the chain.

More change for the bucket. ;-)


Anonymous said...

I just read an article about him (CNN, I think)...and I had the same thought. It's a great organizational system but...can we leave it at that?