Scheduling redux

Two interesting posts today about scheduling tasks:

You're in good company. | TimeBack Management:

"Mike Durney, the CFO of Dice Holdings, wanted to handle work related to the company's London office in the morning so that staff over there didn't have to work into the evenings. Unfortunately, morning meetings sometimes got in the way, forcing him to call or email London later. His new approach for 2008? Schedule his work: setting aside blocks of time for email and investor calls. He also vows to turn off his email alerts so that he doesn't get pulled into email when he's not supposed to."

The Problem of Not Scheduling - The 2Time Mgt Blog:
"The problem with only having a list (or lists) of activities is a simple one — it is too easy for a list to grow out of proportion to the time that one has available when it’s not scheduled into a calendar."