Checking in

Just a few tidbits:

  • I got about 100 pages into David Allen's new book, but it seemed like a rehash of GTD and I got bored and stopped reading.
  • For the past couple of months I've been using Mark Forster's deceptively simple Autofocus system and finding it very helpful.
  • I adore my new Kindle.
  • You can follow me on Twitter, though I'm not really talking about productivity much these days.
That is all.


George Kao said...

Hi Jennifer,

Like you, I've also found GTD and DIT (Mark Forster) to be helpful.

Other "systems" I'm seeking to integrate into my own include the "Elimination" chapter of Four Hour Work Week (Tim Ferriss) and Covey's First Things First. Because feeling productive and overcoming overwhelm is so much about doing the right things (the "first things" in Covey's language).

I recently read David Allen's "Making It All Work" as well, and find his first book to be much more concise and impactful. What the new book did add for me, however, was the introduction of the concepts of "Perspective" and "Control" that neatly wraps up the whole GTD model. PERSPECTIVE is his new name for "vertical" focus, which goes from Principles, Life Goals, 5-Year Goals etc. etc. down to Next Actions. CONTROL is his new name for "horizontal" = capture, clarify, organize etc etc. to Next Actions. So both of these sub-frameworks meet at Next Actions. Neat :-)

Anyway, keep up the great blogging!

Barry said...

As a disorganized non systems person, I had to google GTD just to understand what you were talking about.

I have the horrible fear my approach to life may be beyond redemption.

However I do have an ipod and keep a rigorous Calendar and a To Do List in my notes application.